Saturday, December 3, 2011

(FanFiction) The Legend of Zelda - Return To Hyrule (Introduction)

The Legend of Zelda
Return To Hyrule


Long, long ago. This land was at peace under the kind and just rule of the Hyrule Royal Family. They ruled for the kingdom and the people of all the tribes loved and respected them.

The most noted of the Royal family wasn't the king but the Queen. This is because it is rumored that a sacred gift is passed on between the woman of that Royal family. The Queens and Princesses are blessed with tremendous Wisdom. With this wisdom have lead the kingdom into harmony and have united the tribes of many of the creatures that live in Hyrule.

All was at peace, Until...

An evil came and conquered the kingdom.

It is said that whenever a great evil arises a hero will come forth to stop it. A hero of outstanding courage, along with a blade that can pierce any darkness.

However, this is but a tale. The evil that came still lives and the land is now filled with fear and darkness. Some still think the Hero will come, while others believed he already did but failed in the last moments.

Whatever the case may be, the problem still remains. The land is filled with evil and death. Some of us decided to abandon our homes and fled to the desert to try and escape the carnage.

Far in the desert we found a canyon. There we decided to build a new home. It's far enough from Hyrule that few ever come here. However there are still times when evil still finds this place. When they do are hope rests on the swordsmen who have come with us.

Life is a bit hard here, but it's still better then what we left back in Hyrule.

About 70 years have past since we came to this place, which we now call home. I was but a child when I came here all those years ago. The others that came with me all those years ago are dead now, but there children remain. The children love to hear my stories of Hyrule before it was taken over while there elders would come to me whenever they needed my wisdom.

My name is Sahasrahia.

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