Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Original Character Hoshiko

My original character created by me. She is the one I used to get into this current style and medium. Hoshiko is my pride and joy.

I made the character a long time ago and even created a crappy image of her before which I posted once. I was going to use her for an original series but end up stopping due to the complications I've had in making art. I my use her in the future though.

I actually spent a long time developing her personality and even once had to comply destroy that personality and start her personality anew because she was a perfect character that wasn't interesting. It really hurt having to destroy your first great creation but I had no choice. If I wanted her to have a futur I had to destroy her so I could rebuild her.

Now you may ask if she'll be in the Zelda comic I'm planning, but currently she is not. She my have a role in it but that would mostly be an acting role so I wouldn't have to create another character. The role I'm considering for her would have her be a different character just for the comic and just a short but important role for the plot.

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