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Re-Looking At Nintendo's Performance At E3, Did They Really Fail?

 Re-Looking At Nintendo's Performance At E3, Did They Really Fail?

Nintendo at E3 2012, did they lose or win?

Well Nintendo has disappointed many at E3 this year, but what happened to make so many gamers upset? If you've been following my blog you may of read my list of things I wanted to see their, well I'm going to use that list to see if I can truly be disappointed with Nintendo.

New Super Mario Brothers 2 and New Super Mario Brothers U were shown in all their glory. This is one of the things I wanted to be shown, which I already knew was going to be shown, but it was a shock when they revealed that both were sidescrollers.I was expecting one of them to be a 3D Mario adventure, which made me a little disappointed, but I guess I can't be to upset since we recently had that Mario 3D adventure on the 3DS in Super Mario 3D Land.

Well we didn't get 2, 3, or 4 on my list but we did get number 5, Wii U playable demos. Unfortunately I wasn't their so I didn't get a chance to play and I haven't taken a look at other people playing them yet, but I can at least call this a positive thing.

I had also listed I wanted a new Zelda for 3DS to be revealed, but was disappointing after their 3DS software showcase when it didn't happen. I knew one for the Wii U would be impossible as we just had one come out on the Wii not to long ago, so I'm not expecting one for a good couple of years, but a 3DS one was entirely possible. They did have Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D last year, but as that one was a easy project as it's just an upgrade to the original, so I don't think it would delay new Zelda that much, especially since they had another outside studio help make that one.

The last thing on the list was a new game perhaps a new series from Nintendo to be shown as we now Miyamoto is working on one. Unfortunately it seems that he didn't have time to get it to a point were Nintendo could reveal it as it was not present at E3 2012.

Well let's see if I can rate Nintendo's performance on this. Since my list was mostly for Nintendo properties, with the exception of Sonic Wii U, I'm on;y going to rate Nintendo here.

How Nintendo did at E3 2012Wii U First Party Software,

Nintendo had 4 first party titles, with one being a fitness game, which isn't to bad, we got a Mario game for the Wii U even if it is a sidescroller it still good to me. I didn't play the other Pikmin games but I think I could give Pikman 3 a try, and Nintendo Land although not to appealing I might still try out.

Score: 80/100 Grade: B-
Overall: Good, but not great. A 3D Mario adventure would of been better.

3DS First Party Software,

For Nintendo's 3DS first party software, they had three games to show, however we already new of their existence already. Another Mario sidscroller, a Luigi Mansion squeal, and a new Paper Mario. All this is good but I was expecting more, but perhaps I was just being greedy. With major interest in getting all 3 I don't have much to complain here, so why am I complaining, I can't be expecting them to come out with major games every two or so months. Right now I think it's enough to last for awhile if they throw in a couple surprises later.

Score: 92/100 Grade: A-
Overall: Awesome, but nothing to look forward to for the first half of next year, I won't be subtracting for this because 3 first party games still sound pretty good to me and if you add in other party games it's a pretty good line up for the year.

Nintendo Wii U Console,

Consoles are nothing without the games, so a console is pretty hard to rate, so I'm going to take the announced titles into account. With 22 games it's sounds good at first, but let's see if it continues. I count about 10 games I'm interested in trying out, and their seems to be a decent balance of titles here. With a pretty broad range of genres, it seems like people will find at least one title here they'll like.

Score: 90/100 Grade: A-
Overall: Sounds great, nothing to really complain about.

My Final Thoughts On Nintendo At E3,

It seems I was acting spoiled, expecting the games I wanted wasn't good on my part, as it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Things are never good when you rate them for what you want like a spoiled brat, but when you rate for what they are and enjoy them as such, you can then truly enjoy a lot of things.

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