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The Legend of Zelda – Return To Hyrule (Fan Fiction) Introduction

The Legend of Zelda – Return To Hyrule (Fan Fiction) Introduction
Zelda Return To Hyrule Title

It happened a long time ago, we the people of Hyrule lived in peace, protected by the kind and just rule of the royal family. Life was great with the bountiful harvests we were blessed with each year, the calming breeze that blew across the land was a gentle one that seemed to show the peaceful days ahead, that is until that one wind.

One morning a harsh, overpowering wind blew in all directions. We should have known something was going to happen, but since that wind went as quickly as it came we didn’t bother with it, but that night when all the kids were asleep, it began.

I awoke that night to the sounds of people running outside, the people of Kakariko Village seemed to be in a panic. The all kept looking in one direction and when I looked I saw an eerie red glow coming from the north east, the direction of North Castle Town. I then saw my father outside the house and I called to him with worry in my voice. He turned to me with a feared look in his face, but it quickly turned to a smile, but I could tell he was forcing it to try and calm me down because his eyes were still full of dread. He told me that he and some other swordsmen in the village were going to go assist the people of North Castle Town, and that I should go back to the bed I’ll be back in a few days. He turned away from me and said the line I will never forget, “Don’t do anything hasty, protect your mom and friends, but never give up your own life.”

Those were the last words he ever told me…

I couldn’t get to sleep that night as I watch the eerie glow afar, my father was there. Why was he and other swordsmen sent there? Are they fighting something? These questions roamed in my head while the glow seemed to spread to the castle itself.

When the sun finally rose the next morning, it seemed that the glow had diminished quite a bit, however ominous dark clouds swirled around North Castle Town. Soon I felt a pain in my heart and I knew something was wrong; it seemed my mother could sense it as well. It was then I knew my father wasn’t coming back.

It was later told to us children that the castle had fallen and monsters were starting to appear outside the village. Even though we children were scared the elders only smiled and said not to worry, the hero of legend will surely come to are aid. This story of a legendary hero was hard for some to believe, but since all the notable elders kept telling of the story during this time, even the grownups were able to settle down.

One night however, I was awoken being carried in my mother’s arms. Behind us I saw are village on fire. She told me to try and stay calm; I didn’t know what was going on so I just hung to my mother tightly. We started wondering around Hyrule, but whenever we got someplace we would soon have to leave. The monster army seemed to attack wherever we went. After running around for what seemed like weeks, we and other people who joined us fled to the desert and left Hyrule behind.

After going through the desert for a few days we came across a canyon with many caves in its walls, at the bottom of this canyon was a river. Everyone was tired and couldn’t run anymore, so they decided to build a new home here. It was tough, the wind was harsh, but we were alive.

And that my children, is the story of how we left are home in Hyrule and became the Desert Refugees.

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