Sunday, December 4, 2011

Character Spotlight Sahasrahla From Zelda – Return To Hyrule (fanfic)

The purpose of this character spotlight is to get readers a better insight to the characters in my fanfic series The Legend of Zelda - Return To Hyrule. Since it's for that reason it's probably best for you to read a bit of the Fanfic first. At least the part where the character is talked about. In this case please read the Introduction chapter before you read this.

In my fanfic Sahasrahla is the elder of a Hidden Village of refuges that fled Hyrule and went to the desert over 70 years ago. He is also the only one of the original refuges of that group left. The others in the village are the children and grandchildren of those refuges.

Since he is the only one there who has seen Hyrule when it was at peace, he spends most of his time telling the children stories of that peaceful time. Sometimes the older teens and adults would come to him for advice.

The people all love Sahasrahla and greatly respect him for his vast wisdom.

However... He is sometimes shunned for when he goes on and tells the people of the village about the story of The Legendary Hero that is said to appear whenever evil tries to bring darkness to the land of Hyrule. This is because almost all of the adults either don't believe in the story or think that he failed.

Sahasrahla on the other hand believes that the hero will one day arrive to save everyone and bring peace back to there kingdom. He believes that the Spirit of The Hero is immortal and even if his body was destroyed he would rise again someday.

Alas the people of this hidden village don't believe so and don't wish to fill the children with false hope.

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