Monday, May 14, 2012

New Series (Update) 5/14/2012

Toad and Luigi from the super mario series by Nintendo in a style similar to the Paper Mario series
Toad and Luigi won't be teaming up for the series.
Time for an update on my new series and we got a big change. It seems I have forgotten to add the female lead and since I had already chosen the main party I had to remove one of them to make room for one. So Toad, I'm sorry but your no longer in the main cast, you'll still have a part as I had already worked on your back story. Although he may show up more often as I can still make some room, he just won't be part of the main cast.

As for Toad's replacement  have decided that it will be a female mushroom person, probably in her late teens. As this change has only been decided yesterday not much has been created, I really only have the idea of her in my head right now.

I had also worked on creating the stages for some locations, and Princess Peach's Castle was a location that gave me some problems. Their mostly worked out but I could improve some parts of it.

I also worked on the main parties character traits and back stories. Once I complete them I should be able to come up with some jokes for this series.

Finally even though I haven't said anything, their is a possibility that new series could become an animated series, but since I don't have experience at voice acting and animating would take more time I'm keeping comic in mind for this. It's also possible that it will start out as a comic series and later animated versions of those chapters could be made.

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