Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rose Staff, Now in the Weapons Vault

Rose Staff + Kid Icaruse + AR CardRose Staff + Kid Icarus Uprising

One of my favorite weapons from Kid Icarus Uprising is the Rose Staff. Generally good at both long range as well as short range, the Rose Staff is a very versatile weapon for many situations.

The Rose Staff's projectiles travel slower and not as far as many others weapons in the staff category, but its exceptional attack power and a fast recharge more than compensates for that.

After saving up my hearts I bought a Rose Staff with a value of 311 and a 5 star ranged attack power and a 4.5 star melee attack power. This particular Rose Staff has two modifiers; they are Confusion + 1 and Overall Defense + 5. With this added defense I'm able to play the chapters I higher difficulties with little fear.

The Rose Staff from Kid Icarus Uprising is now added to my weapons vault.

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