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Physical Copy Verses Digital Download

Physical Copy Verses Digital Download

This is an interesting topic I've been seeing around the net lately, mostly around the topic of video games. People keep talking about how this would benefit them in the future, but when Sony uses it for there PSP Vita people complain. Well let me give my opinions on all this.

The reason Sony is having problems concerning this is because they require you to purchase a special device to store the downloaded game, this product costs a lot of money making buying the physical copy cheaper. Now people complain about this since SD cards could hold more data then there device but for cheaper. Now the extra cost is probably to pay for piracy protection included in the device, however the prices are still unreasonable for this.

But we shouldn't look down on Digital downloads, it has it's good points.
Physical Copy Verses Digital Download
Theses games would be good for Digital Download
Digital downloaded copies can actually help us if the companies figure out how they can use them correctly. One why concerns the recent games The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, and Xenoblade
Chronicles. Nintendo was wary about releasing these games in the States, but has announced that two of them will be coming here. The problem is that these games were not made with the region in mind, they were made for the Japanese audience. Because of this it is hard to estimate how many people will buy the game here, so creating a good number of copies becomes hard.

It's all about supply and demand. If they don't release enough copies then people get discouraged and my pass on the game when they release more copies, and if they make too many they start losing money. Even petitions can't give a good number to how many copies they should make and they can't make them to order as that would cost a lot of money, these things have to be done in bulk.

This is where the digital download option can come in. Since digital download doesn't require an estimated number there is no worry of supply and demand allowing everyone to get the game with no overflow.

This option can also be used for anime as there are a lot of anime I want to see hasn't been released here. Getting a person to add English subs isn't that hard, there are a lot of people subbing anime out there for free and releasing the shows online. It may be illegal for these fan subbers to do so, but there just trying to help out there favorite anime by getting more people to watch them.

I say let them help.

All they have to do is open a website and allow people to sub the anime for them. Since these guys are already doing so for free they won't be asking for much money if at all, they can be paid based on view so the companies won't be losing out.

anime as digital download
Anime would work as Digital Downloads
Actually such a website already exists. The website does it's best to get anime and people to sub them and I would like this to grow bigger. If you can translate Japanese then you should ask to be a subtitler and help expand it's library of anime even more.

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