Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Future Nintendo Headlines In 2012

I wrote this for a different blog but I decided to post it here to get more exposure.

Come around children and I'll look into my crystal ball and foretell the future and Nintendo. Let's see how many come true before the end of the year.

  1. Customers Report Broken WiiU Controllers
I broke my WiiU controller just like I did my Wiimote.

It's already know that Nintendo will be releasing their new console the WiiU later this year but little did everyone know that customers start reporting that they have broken there controllers and televisions. Just like with the original Nintendo Wii.

  1. Nintendo computer virus outbreak
New computer virus in 2012 from Nintendo

We all knew Nintendo would rule the world someday, but who knew that they would start there invasion this year by launching a computer virus.

  1. Luigi Declares War on Mario
I knew it was a matter of time before Luigi turns evil

It seems no one likes Luigi and these days not even his brother Mario likes him.
You may know that Luigi isn't on the Japanese box art for Mario Party 9, but as it turns out he's not in it at all. Well this happens to push Luigi over the edge and now vows for revenge.

  1. Miyamoto goes into retirement, for 3 days
Shigeru Miyamoto will be forced to make games for eternity

The legendary Miyamoto has said he was going to step back a it to let the young designers spread there wings, but when he decides that they don't need him anymore he announces his retirement. Unfortunately after 3 days Nintendo comes begging him to come back as Nintendo can't survive without his magic touch.

  1. Nintendo Farts at E3

During this years E3 one Nintendo representative farts on stage. That is all.

  1. Mario Money

Mario's popularity reaches an all time high when governments around the world start slapping his face on their money.

  1. Miyamoto to work on next Sonic Title

Sega and Nintendo shock the world at E3 when they announce that they will be working together to create the next Sonic for the WiiU. They also announce that Shigeru Miyamoto will be heading the project.

  1. New Pokemon not what you expected

The people behind the Pokemon franchise announce that a new main stream Pokemon game will be released soon. However people are unsure about the game when Nintendo announces that instead of traveling in the game you'll just have your 3DS in sleep mode and after you walk around your town a bit you will then open your 3DS to see if you encountered any Pokemon.

  1. Star Fox Makes an appearance but not a game
When will a new Star Fox be made?

The characters from Star Fox are going to be seen a lot this year but they won't have there own game this year. They will just appear randomly in videos and trailers released from Nintendo.

  1. 3DSLite announced

A lot of people have been begging for a cheaper version of the 3DS so Nintendo announces the 3DSLite. The new version of the handheld is much cheaper as it removes a lot of hardware such as the accelerometer and the cameras. Although it will have a second slide pad customers start complaining when they discover that it does not support DS games

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