Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pregnant Amy Rose (Sprite Story) Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Something Is up

“What am I gonna do,” cried Amy Rose a pink hedgehog wearing a red dress. “How am I supposed to face everyone... And Sonic, how am I supposed to let him know?” She knew that she couldn't hide what was happening forever, and the others would find out eventually.

“I should tell Sonic before he finds out about this. Maybe if I tell him now he'll understand,” she says as she leaves out the front door of her house to search for the one she has loved for years. Even though she claims to be Sonic's girlfriend she knows herself that they aren't actually official. He's never said anything about it, but he's never actually denied it either. For this reason she truly believes that he does care for her but is either not ready for a relationship or is to shy to say anything. Either way she had decided to keep chasing him until he is ready.

“Sonic,” Amy says in a very soft voice as a tear rolls down her cheek.

Elsewhere hundreds of miles away. Sonic is doing what he does best, running. Today he's in Hill Top Zone a place of high mountains so close together some can easily get from one to another. In fact most of the surface of the Zone is above the lowest level of clouds. Only about 30% of the ground is below this level.
With the tall hills so close together people were able to easily create short lifts from place to place, although Sonic rarely take these lifts preferring to just run. Sonic really enjoys coming here because the terrain is the best for training. It has spaces where he can achieve top speed and has natural obstacles for him to avoid ranging from one he can easily get past to ones that are tricky even for him.

Soon Sonic quickly comes to a stop where his best buddy a two tailed fox is waiting. “Wow Sonic, that was your best time yet,” said Miles “Tails” Prower. “You shaved 1.3 seconds off your old record.”

“Heh great,” smiled Sonic. “That training I've been doing is really paying off,” he says as Tails hands him a sports drink.

“But Sonic, why do you want to get faster,” asks Tails wondering for what reason could the fastest thing alive need more speed for.

“Eggman's robots have been getting better and better. If I don't train hard he may end up actually creating something that could beat me,” Sonic explains to his little buddy. “Even though I doubt He'll ever make something that good.”

“We'll see about that hedgehog,” boomed a loud voice from behind one of the mountain peaks.

“Eggman,” screamed Tails.

“That's right,” the malicious doctor responded as he came into view riding his Egg-O-Matic a personal flying device created by his evil genius.

“What are you up to this time Egghead,” taunted Sonic. “You bring a new toy for me to play with.”

“We can take on anything you dish out,” yelled Tails.

“Heh, sorry to disappoint you two but I'm actually quite busy today,” proclaimed the Doctor.

“And what business do you have that would take you out here,” Tails yelled ordering Eggman to tell them.

“That is none of your concern,” he replied as he pushed a button on his Egg-O-Matic. The machine started spewing out a very thick smoke that soon covered the area.

“It's a smoke screen,” yelled Tails. *Cough*

“I must be going now Sonic,” said Eggman as his voice grew softer as he left. “But we'll *Cough* meet again *Cough* real *Cough* soon *Cough*.”

Suddenly the smoke screen was swirling around and being sent high into the air! Sonic was using his fast feet to create a vortex to send the smoke upward.

“*Cough* Thanks Sonic,” Tails said gratefully. “But Eggman got away.”

“Yeah,” said Sonic a bit annoyed by that fact.

“But what was he doing here,” asked the Fox.

“I don't know Tails, but we better find out,” He said then started to run. “Let's split up to see if we can find out what's going on.”

“You got it Sonic,” Tails yelled knowing that Sonic might have already been out of range as he himself twirled his two tails and took off into the sky.

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