Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Adventures Of ChibiKage - Prologue - A Boy Is Born

The Adventures Of ChibiKage - Prologue - A Boy Is Born

Once upon a time in a distant far off land, far from the realm of what we know as reality, lies a land known as the Chibi Kingdom. The people who lived here were somewhat like other races across the world but much different at the same time. The creatures of this land are what are known as Chibi versions of creatures from other lands and races.

The people as well as all creatures of this land are measured in not only height but head height as well. Their physical height is of all sizes. Some are small enough to fit in a bottle while others are as big as giants. Whatever the size is however none of them go over 4 heads tall.

Since Chibi's consist of all races and creatures the Chibi Kingdom is fill with all sorts of magic and technologies. The Chibi's use their abilities to help one another as they are a very friendly by nature as well as curious enough to get them into all sorts of trouble. Life for the Chibi's are full of fun and surprise.

In one corner of the kingdom a Chibi with unusual powers is born, unusual even for a Chibi. This Chibi could do all sorts of things, it was like the laws of the universe did not apply to him. Of course their were restrictions, he could do it only without thinking. If he wanted to shoot a fire ball he couldn't but at other times we he was just doing he could. The mages were confused about his powers and could not explain them very well.

"It's like he could only use his powers when he's oblivious to the fact that he can't actually do them." Said one mage.
"but it doesn't make sense?" said another.
"Perhaps one day he will come to understand his powers and be able to put them to use?"
"But if he has to be oblivious to them then wouldn't when he gets older to understand them, won't his powers become weaker?"

The wise mages went on for what seemed like forever but could not figure out how these powers worked beyond the by having to be oblivious to them in some way.

Many of years later and the boy is now the age of 13 and is also much more aware of the world, and as the mages have said his powers have gotten weaker. It's around this age where children his age would go off in search of their place in life if they have not found it yet, and the boy is about to set off on an adventure of his own, but he would not be going alone, for his inner child, the part of him that would always be oblivious to the world had taken on a life of his own and would follow him on his adventure since they were also one and the same.

Before the boy left he had gone to the wise mages of the town he lived in and received a magical amulet which gave him the power of speech which he was never able to talk before. Although this allow the boy to speak his inner child still could not.

It was now time for the boy to leave home and go on an adventure like no other as he was able to master one ability, the ability that no one else in the kingdom could do as easily as him. He could travel to different dimensions and realities. It would normally take many a wizards to do that.

The boy waved goodbye to his family and friends and has set off for what could possibly be the greatest adventure ever.

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