Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 Videos From Yesterday - Minecraft Battle Tower Challenge - Metroid Other M - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Yesterday I had uploaded 3 more videos to my youtube channel but was tired and didn't make a post here about it, so here they are now.

Minecraft 1.7 Modded - EP18 - Iron Gear Only Battle Tower Challenge

In this exciting episode of Minecraft 1.7 Modded, I challenge a battle tower with only iron gear, but things aren't made easy as a few of the enemy mobs turned into super powered infernal mobs.

Metroid Other M Hard Mode - EP28 - Truth Of The Facility

In this episode of Metroid Other M, I chase down an unidentified soldier and found the one who is in charge of the facility. She tells me all I need to know about this place and reveals the secrets of this place.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - EP3 - Lost On Pumpkin Hill

It's a showdown between Sonic and Shadow in this exciting episode of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but the fight is cut short when we learn that the island is about to explode! Now we got to run out of here.
Also, Knuckles the Echidna finds himself on Pumpkin Hill searching for more pieces of the Master Emerald.

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