Thursday, January 23, 2014

3 Video Uploaded to youtube - Super Mario 64 - Metroid Other M - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

With videos constantly getting uploaded to my Youtube channel, I got to find ways to get my channel out their and get people to view them. So I post them to my blog.

Metroid Other M Hard Mode - EP26 - The Haunted Past of Samus X Ridley

I don't always make custom thumbnails for my videos, but do to what happens in this video I decided to make one. In this episode of Metroid Other M, I inform you about Samus's and Ridley's past and why Samus being terrified is totally justified.
It's time to reach are destination, but... Is that... RIDLEY!? Let me tell you how Samus and Ridley met, and how Samus lost her parents.

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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - EP2 - Trapped on Prison Island

I truly love Sonic Adventure 2, and what better way to show that by making an intro for the lets play video.
Sonic the hedgehog has been captured by Gun and brought to Prison Island. It's now up to Tails and Amy to save their blue hero.

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Super Mario 64 - EP2 - Shifting Sand Land

Traveling to a vast desert land, Mario must find more Power Stars in order to rescue the captured Princess Peach.
Can the bird come out to play?

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