Thursday, December 19, 2013

Metroid Other M Gameplay - Hard Mode PART 18 "I WILL TRIUMPTH"

My desire to win has finally lead to my success, but things start getting weird near the end of the video.

After meeting up with Anthony and the others at the Exam Center, Samus discovers a Zebesian with cyborg characteristics.
The team then learns about the Federation's biological-weapon development program and the person in charge of it, Madeline Bergman. Shortly thereafter, a violent, unidentified creature attacks.
Having been saved from certain death by a blast from Anthony's plasma gun, Samus regroups with the soldiers, who have found Lyle's corpse. Afterward, Samus finds the cast-off skin of the small creature she had seen earlier.
Samus receives a new order from Adam to follow the wounded creature and investigate Sector 3.


A first person and 3rd person shooter for the Nintendo Wii set between the events of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, the game features a huge amount of backstory into the past of are usally closed off heroine, Samus Aran. Developed by Nintendo and Team Ninja, the game brings us a Metroid game unlike any before with stunning cinematics and gameplay that feels like a sidescrolling shooter set in a 3D world.

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