Thursday, January 12, 2012

Luigi Quest page 4; A Letter From The Princess

Sorry for the wait. Here's the next page of Luigi Quest, a sprite comic be me ChibiKage89. Here we see Para Karry the postman from the Paper Mario series bring Luigi a letter. Upon hearing it's from Princess Daisy, Snivy decides to get a look at the letter out of curiosity. Is it a good thing she look, or will she wish she hasn't?

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Sprites by;
Drshanps of who ripped the Luigi sprites from Super Mario Brothers 3
JoshR691who made the custom Snivy/Tsutarja sprites from Pokemon
RetrieverII who ripped the Para Karry sprites from Paper Mario
Mario&Luigi who ripped the bgs graphics

All characters owned by Nintendo

Story by;

Other pages in this sprite comic;
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