Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 New Years Resolutions of Pokemon

A lot of people make resolutions this time of year to work on to improve themselves, but little did you know that Pokemon also create resolutions . Here are 10 different Pokemon with there own resolutions.

  1. Meowth

As top cat when it comes to the Pokemon world it's only natural for Meowth to be aiming high, perhaps to high. Meowth hopes to finally catch the moon in his paws.

This little guys always was in love with the moon.

  1. Togepi

Since these Pokemon are very young it's hard to tell what their resolutions are, but I figured it out. Togepi wishes to bring play to new heights. I hope this won't cause too much trouble for others.

  1. Arceus

Arceus the false god of Pokemon (I don't like him for taking Mew's spotlight) will be trying to fool more people and Pokemon saying he's the real Pokemon god and Mew is not the true ancestor of all.

  1. Snivy

Snivy dislikes the English version name they have and wish to have it changed back to there Japanese name Tsutarja.

  1. Pikachu

Pikachu says he doesn't have one this year. When I told him he had to make one so I could make this article he shocked me and left.

  1. Unown

Unown are very mysterious. There resolution is to make themselves even more of a mystery. At this rate I'll never know the secret they hold.

  1. Altaria

To create a new melody. They like singing.

  1. Regirock

Regirock resolution was to get even stronger then he is now.

  1. Rotom

Rotom loves electronics and wishes to find new machines to posses so he can become Pokemon types he has not achieved before.

  1. MissingNo

Missingno is not actually a Pokemon but his resolution is to finally get recognized as one so he can finally return to the series.

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