Sunday, February 2, 2014

9 NES Game Lets Play Videos - Super Mario Bros 3, Legend Of Zelda, Gradius, Blaster Master, Kirby's Adventure, DuckTales, Archon

I got 9 more videos of classic NES games available just for you, all of these games are great and you should really try them out.


One of the newest lets play videos on my channel is a gameplay video of Konami's space shooting masterpiece, Gradius. It may be your standard space shooter, but this space shooter managed to make itself more known then most others out there on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Legend Of Zelda - The One That Started Them All

Yes, the very first Legend of Zelda game that started one of the most well known series out there. I was thinking of doing a whole series on this game but decided against it since the view and like count didn't seem like it was the right way to go.

 Blaster Master

I got more then just 2 gaming videos of Blaster Master for you, but I chose 2 that I think stood out more then the others.

I definitely got to show you the first episode of the series as it tells you what to expect... Not me winning,

However I got farther then expected without the use of a Game Genie, and this next episode of Blaster Master is of me going up against the crab boss that was still hard for me to beat, even with the Game Genie.

Kirby's Adventure

This was another game I decided not to continue due to poor views, only two videos were made. I love Kirby's Adventure, it's a simple game with a decent difficulty, not hard but hard enough to make you feel accomplished when you finally beat it.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Okay, so it's technically the SNES version, but it is a 16bit version of an 8bit NES game. I played the whole thing, no warp whistles, so you can enjoy me going through every world and every stage, nothing skipped.


An obscure game but one that brings the simple board game of Chess some intense action. It has the strategy of Chess with a combat system so your opponet has the chance to actually fight back. I simply love this great game.

DuckTales - A Woo Hoo

The intro song to the cartoon that just stayed in your head for hours is brought back in beautiful 8bit sounds. This game is one of the greatest gems on the NES and if you haven't played it yet, then you played it's reboot that came out recently. if not... Your probably not a gamer.

And here is my victory run of the game.

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