Thursday, May 2, 2013

Minecraft Infinity (playlist) My New Lets Play Series

My New Minecraft Lets Play, Minecraft Infinity,

minecraft lets play infinity
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Is a survival Minecraft adventure with an assortment of mods added to spice up the game to suit my taste for adventure. Not only will I be surviving, I will also be exploring many dungeons, castles, and ruins throughout the land.

I will also be using creative mode once in awhile to create various things, such as my own dungeons I will have to try and conquer. This is to add the fun of free building and dangerous exploration to the game (think Yogcast's Shadow of Israphel, but on with no budget and only one person to create it).

The mods include the following and can be found on the list at the link above;

Forge 662
OptiFine HD_U_C4
Damage Indicators v2.6.0
DarkLords RPG version 1.1
Defensive Villagers v1.0.5
Dungeon Mobs v2.3.2
Dungeon Pack
Elemental Creepers v3.2.1
Forge Myth & Monsters
Goblins and Giants
Rei's Minimap
Hardcore Enderdragon
Infernal Mobs
Mystic Ores
Mystic Ruins
Mystic Stones
Legend Gear
Too Many Items
Castle Defenders
Battle Towers

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