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Nintendo Legend Of Zelda Top Ten Items That Have Been In Only One Zelda Game

Nintendo Legend Of Zelda Top Ten Items That Have Been In Only One Zelda Game

This list of the Top Ten Items From The Games Of Zelda that have been in only one Zelda game, was pretty interesting. After listing each item that's been in only one Zelda game, I learned that there wasn't that many to choose from as many items are reused in the Zelda series. I also wanted to choose items that didn't have too much in common with other items such are the magic medallions (From Zelda A Link To The Past) and the spells you learn in Zelda Ocarina Of Time.

Now an honorable mention,

Magnetic Glove
Zelda Oracle of seasons, zelda game

The Magnetic Glove was a intriguing item in the Gameboy Color game, Zelda Oracle Of Seasons. In the game it had a similar purpose to the Hookshot, but was able to do more. It was also able to pull and push metal balls and had very interesting puzzles for it and I really wanted to put it on the list. The problem with this particular Zelda item was that it was in a second Zelda game, Zelda Four Swords for the Gameboy advance and Gameboy advance SP.

Zelda game item #10

Deku Leaf
Zelda Wind Waker

One of two items on this list from Zelda Wind Waker on the Nintendo Gamecube console is the Deku Leaf. This magic leaf is given to us from the Great Deku Tree in the Forest Haven, and it's power enables us to get to the next dungeon.

The Deku Leaf let's Link float safely down when we take a leap off a ledge, and if Link hits an updraft, it will send us up in the air. The Deku Leaf also can unleash a powerful gust of wind that can knock enemies away or activate wind mechanisms.

Zelda game item #9

Hero's Charm
Zelda Wind Waker

The other item from Zelda Wind Waker on the Nintendo Gamecube console is the Hero's Charm which is given to you by the school teacher on Windfall after giving her plenty of Joy Pendants. This item is one of the most unique in the games of Zelda as this is the only item that lets you view the health of enemies (except Bosses).

Zelda game item #8

Water Bomb
Zelda Twilight Princess

Zelda Twilight Princess has a good number of unique Zelda items; the water bomb is the only bomb in the series that can be used underwater. Other than that it's not that unique, but it's still pretty good and there aren't that many unique items for this list.

Zelda game item #7

Sand Wand
Zelda games

Found only in the Zelda game Spirit Tracks, the Sand Wand is an interesting item. It makes blocks rise up out of sand which is then used to complete certain puzzles, either by making bridges or moving giant objects, the puzzles used with it are pretty enjoyable.

Zelda game item #6

Seed Shooter
Zelda games

Wait! Is the Seed Shooter unique enough to be on this list?

Well... it was a tough call, after debating for a long time whether the Seed Shooter from Zelda Oracle of Ages is acceptable, I eventually had to face the fact that in order to have ten Zelda items for this list I would need to find a way to include more items. I decided that the Seed Shooter was acceptable since one of the seeds shot from it is able to bounce off the walls, and even though it's not much I would like to see you make a list of Zelda items that have only appeared in one Zelda game. Here I'll even help you out; this link will bring you to a site where you can look at all the items in all the Zelda games.

Zelda game item #5

Hawkeye & Bow Combo
Zelda Twilight Princess, Zelda games

Another great item from Zelda Twilight Princess the Hawkeye is a lot like the Telescope from Zelda Wind Waker, but unlike the Telescope this item is able to combine with your Bow which will allow you to snipe your enemies from afar. For that reason I decided to add these two together for the number 5 spot.

Just tell me you don't like sniping Moblins in Zelda Twilight Princess.

Zelda game item #4

Rod of Seasons
Zelda Oracle Of, Zelda games

Zelda game, Zelda Oracle Of SeasonsThe Rod of Seasons from Zelda Oracle of Seasons is one of the world changing items like the Magic Mirror from Zelda A Link To The Past or the Harp of Ages from Zelda Oracle of Ages. So why did I choose this item when other items do something similar? Well, unlike the other items which only allow you to travel between two worlds, this one allows you to travel between 4. This makes the game very fun to me as things are very different between the different seasons.

Zelda game item #3

Zelda games

The only unique item in Zelda Skyward Sword, the Beetle is a mechanical bug that you can guide through the air. You can use it to cut ropes or obtain out of reach items; you can even use it to transport bombs and then rain hell from above.

Zelda game Item #2

Ball and Chain
Zelda Twilight Princess

Zelda gamesA massive spiked ball attached to a long chain, this item can in inflict massive damage on foes and even break ice. Found in the Snowpeak Ruins in the Zelda game Zelda Twilight Princess, this weapon is a favorite amongst many people.

The ball and chain has been seen many times in the Nintendo Legend of Zelda games, but Zelda Twilight Princess is the first time, and currently the only Zelda game, you actually get to use it. This weapon can also be used to deflect enemy attacks or used as a replacement for bombs, that's a pretty versatile item.

Zelda game Item #1

To be the number one item on my list, the item must be not only interesting, but have very unique and exhilarating puzzles to go with it. Something I just want to use again and again, even when I already solved the puzzle, and the so I have chosen this as my number one unique Zelda item.

Zelda game item

Zelda games, zelda twilight princessIn Arbiter's Grounds in Zelda Twilight Princess, you will find the Spinner, though not a powerful weapon it's use is quite interesting. In many places throughout the game you will find places you can use the spinner to transverse to areas otherwise unreachable, by going across special rails in the walls designed for the spinner. Sometimes you will even need to jump from one rail to another with perfect timing. To me it's one of the most fun things to do in Zelda Twilight Princess.

Zelda Twilight Princess

The spinner is also used to take on the boss of Arbiter's Ground in an epic battle, that's similar to tops or Beyblade. By avoiding Stallord's undead obstacles and using the Spinner to ram his spine, is very enjoyable, and then using the spinner to chase him down and crash into his head, he's a very enjoyable boss to battle.

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