Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chibi-Creations New Series Announcement

I am once again working on a new series and this time I'm planning on actually making an entire series. Yes, I'm using Microsoft OneNote to get down all my ideas. I'm also using it to make a script and stuff. I am planning this for a series I will actually be able to complete so I'm also working on an ending to it this time.

The series itself will be using vector art made in Anime Studio, but will be similar to just using sprites. Well I guess you could still call them sprites since sprites are just 2 dimensional images made on a computer but whatever.

The inspiration for this series is inspired by the idea of wanting to do a Luigi series that didn't focus on Mario, and is also inspired by the idea behind the NES and SNES game Mario Is Missing. Except not an educational game.

I will be using my own graphics with most characters based off of the Paper Mario series. So it's basically Paper Luigi Mario is Missing Non Educational game, worst name ever, good thing I haven't chosen a title yet.

Anyways I have almost completed everything I need for the Luigi graphics and have already decided on two of his four partners for the series, which will be revealed at a later time. For now just enjoy this simple test shot.

Paper Luigi

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