Friday, October 14, 2011

Working on the new series

Yes before I had a post telling everyone I was making a new series, but I ended up deleting it.

I'm still working on the series though. However there are some editing being done to the whole this and the characters have changed a bit do to not being able to find the sprite I wanted as it seems they don't currently exist.

I did attempt to try to create my own but I found it to tedious and decided to find a different way. This led me to change some things I already decided on.

Another reason for the change is that since this is a crossover comic (and still is) the sprites were very drastically different. I wanted the best looking sprites but have decided to focus less on how the look and try to get sprites that will work better together.

So I've gone from good looking 32-bit & 16-bit sprites to NES (Famicom) 8-bit sprites. Though I am thinking of using some of the bigger sprites in some way. I'm still working on most of it.


  1. Hey Bud. Long time no see. Hows the comics coming along?

  2. Um well, I was working on it then I got Minecraft so I spend some time on that. The a snow storm hit us and didn't have power for awhile.

    I also kind of forgotten about it but I'll be getting back to work on it soon.

  3. Yea.. Minecraft is a time consumer.. it's addicting.