Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What have I been doing (July 20, 2011)

Okay I'm going to take a minute here and tell you just how lame I am. You see I don't actually plan out any of my work like I probably should. This is actually one of the reasons the Super Mario Super Comic turned into a big mess.

Also you may know I have a NewGrounds account now, and yes I have been working on animations. However, whenever I try to make an animation it turns into a huge project that is beyond what I can actually do.

One such animation I tried to create was a vector animation which used my recently created fan Kirby, Kurobi.
My fan Kirby, Kurobi.A combination of Kirby and Kuosaki Ichigo from Bleach.
As you can see Kurobi is not a sprite. This is because I wanted to do more with him then what sprites allowed, But because of this I ended up wanting to do too much. More than I could actually do at my level would allow.

There was a sprite animation that I worked on for a little bit but got side tracked. It was going to be like those Castle Calamities but instead with Mario trying to get past a waterfall.

Anyways I just couldn't find much fun in doing it so I didn't ever put much effort and time into it, keeping it from getting to a point where I could even talk about it.

This all went on for a month or two and was the cause for not having much new comics here.

Now we made it to a couple days ago.

I was thinking what I should do and going over all I've done I found that I wanted to go back to making comics. But I still wanted to use my Fan Kirby in my work. And I still want to make stuff a level beyond sprite comics with sprites someone else made. I wanted to start a new comic starring Kurobi in a non sprite comic series.

So now I'm using a comic/manga creating program called Manga Studio to attempt to create such a comic. The plot is the same one I was going to use for the animation but now I'm using it for the comic.

Preview of the new comic I'm attempting to create
So far it seems to be going all right. Hopefully I can make some real magic happen with this one.

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  1. Okay, I'm about to blab a whole ton of useless info.

    If you had followed my work over the years, (animation, comics, drawing and stories) I'm horrible about my writers block and my un-planned work. Or, I plan something WAY over my head. Reading this blog post reminds me ALOT of when I first started out trying crazy stuff that I was no where near ready to do and ended up canning completely. I've trashed tons and tons of hours of work just for the simple fact that I just couldn't do it.

    As far as spriting goes, using someone elses sprites gets old and boring.. and having to credit someone else makes it feel less yours. It's awesome that you're starting to make your own characters, whether or not its a huge difference or a blend of two seperate character universes it's still pretty much your creation.

    When I started out all my stuff was recolors and weird looking copies. I've actually spent ALOT of time creating each individual sprite for DI for example which is why I don't update often as I should (well that and I don't plan ahead so I end up getting writers block).

    It's a bummer to have a really creative mind and not be able to show the full potential, but the fact that you are willing to admit that your not perfect is just one more step closer to your goal.

    Looking forward to seeing your new work mate, keep it up