Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MegaMan Legends 3 Cancelled

Recently I heard that Capcom had shut down the MegaMan Legends 3 Project. I hear that it was mostly due to not enough people where getting involved with the Dev rooms.

The main idea for the project was to get fans involved with making the game. This is something that no one had really done before, but because the project was based on this it required a lot of fan support from which I hear they did not get.

Now fans everywhere are upset about this (me included), but you got to understand that projects get cancelled all the time (remember Kirby for the Gamecube which got moved over to the Wii. That game just dissapeared.).

Now I'll tell you I didn't go to the Dev rooms at all and I'm guessing many others didn't as well. Did you ever go to the Dev rooms?

I've also heard that another developing team wants to take up the project and they're already working with Capcom on something else so it's entirely possible. But I'm guessing if they did it wouldn't be the same project. I think they would finish the game but without the Dev rooms since that part seemed to of failed.

So anyways, The experiment to get fans to help create the game has failed, but there is still a possibility that MegaMan Legends 3 could still come. Just without the fans helping to create it.

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