Monday, April 11, 2011

I need your assistance to improve

At this point I have gotten two votes on the poll I place a few days ago and soon that poll will close. That poll was to help me decide what I should do. But with only two vote it's still pretty unclear. However if I use that and combine it with the information I got from Google analytics I believe I can assume I got at least a few people who are actually interested.

Now most of the comments I have received on my work have been quite negative. From my comics sucking to I don't know how to write well. As for not writing well, well I don't really know how to improve that. All I can do about that is to keep trying. As for the comics sucking, Well the same goes for that. Now the thing is I haven't gotten any supportive comments and well I'm a pretty sensitive person so I could use some supportive comment and criticism.

So if you want to leave me a comment please be nice and if it is about how my work sucks please tell me what part a bout it sucked and tell me how I could improve it so I can improve the work.

Another thing is I came and started doing these comics for the wrong reason. I originally came in the hopes of making money and what did I get from that... A measly 17 cents.  There were sometimes I did have some fun making these comics and that should be the real reason anyone does something like this. So I'm gonna try to stop focusing on the money aspect and try to have some fun and to do this I'm gonna take of the ads for the time being.

So in conclusion if you have a suggestion that could improve my work please leave a comment below.

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  1. The number one rule is don't give up!
    also, don't do it for the money, do it because you enjoy doing it. Most sprite comics will never make much money because its been done before, but hell, its still fun to do and if you are good at it and your audience enjoys it too then thats all you really need in the first place. I personally have created so many sprite comic series in my time that I can't even count them, and they were HORRIBLE. But now, after customizing and creating my own sprites and trying different methods of writing and designing of each strip I think I've gotten a little bit better. It takes time and practice, even if the comic doesn't look perfect, if you have a good story or plot or punchline, people will like it. Don't expect to become the most popular comic online over night though.