Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Delay on next sprite comic

Well today didn't start off to great. There was a problem with my computer that worried me so I had to restart in safe mode and run a quick virus scan. I only had it do the most important and commonly infected files but that was enough to get my routine messed up. Before I knew it the time when I usually create the sprite comics had passed and I moved on to what I usually do after that which is watch some anime.

Now it's 12:50 and I had started doing the days comic but I don't feel it (whatever it is) anymore. I also got to get to another project I'm doing for a contest on and the deadline is coming up in a few days so I have to get to work on that. I'm pretty close to finishing and would like to get it completed and uploaded a day before the contest ends.

So in all the days comic may be delayed till later or tomorrow.

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